Private Beer Garden Lies Beyond Four Locked Doors

We much prefer this to a restroom club.
We much prefer this to a restroom club.

We envied designer Scott Morrison’s home bar, but this is something else entirely. BushwickBK has stumbled upon a beer garden that’s so under-the-radar you won’t find it on our list of them. In fact, it’s not even open to the public, really — during the summer, Bushwick residents Jan VanDamme and Paul Nicholson painstakingly built it in their backyard. The Bushwick Beer Garden (it has its own seal and everything!) only seats about 37 people, but it boasts an “International Room,” a wooden bar called “the Giraffe’s Knuckle,” hops growing in latticework, lounge chairs, a hammock alcove, a stage, and a grilling area. No mention of what sorts of beers are on tap, but that’s sort of irrelevant since, as an official Website states, “you have to go through four locked doors to get to this bar.” Either that, or get yourself invited to a party there (joining the place’s Yahoo group should help). Will this be the hottest ticket come Oktoberfest? Mmmyeah.

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