Neighbors Nervous About Rooftop Pool Bar Replacing Moondance Diner

Misty water-colored memories...
Misty water-colored memories… Photo: Getty Images

A60 may soon have some competish: Soho is being papered with flyers stating that “developers of the luxury hotel going up on the Moondance Diner site have asked the SoHo Alliance to arrange a meeting with the neighboring community” this Thursday at 7 p.m., at 125 Greene Street (fifth floor). Depending on what the Community Board and the State Liquor Authority have to say, the twelve-story building will have a bar on the ground floor, another on a patio about twenty feet above the street, and a third on the roof. Per developer BCRE’s Website, there will be a rooftop pool. Which is pretty much, ahem, standard these days.