Milk and Honey Number Is Kaput, Petraske Drinks May Soon Come to Mercury Dime and LIC


A reader tells us Milk and Honey’s number was disconnected sometime in the past two weeks (a member of Rhythmism’s message board predicted the number would change after the secret digits were posted there in May, though the Department of Health’s site also exposed the number a good year ago). If you don’t have a means of scoring the new one (remember, we’ve given advice about this in the past), here’s some good news on the Sasha Petraske front: He’s again applying for a liquor license (update: of the “tavern wine” variety, meaning no hard liquor will be sold) at his accidental coffee shop Mercury Dime, and hoping he won’t get the same shabby treatment he did last time. And we hear his long-in-the-works Long Island City project is not far from opening.