Marcel Was Drinking Wine and Feeling Fine Hours After Arrest

Is there a bottle of wine under that jacket?
Is there a bottle of wine under that jacket?

Amuse Biatch was the first to point out that Marcel Vigneron seems to have given a cooking demonstration just hours after he was taken in for suspicion of drunk driving by Laguna Beach cops. The OC Register now confirms that not only did Marcel attend the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters benefit gala, but he bootlegged a bottle of wine!

While making his way to his seat for the show with a companion, he opened the flap of his suit jacket and flashed a bottle of wine to a reporter, smiling and saying that he had sneaked it in.

We won’t know whether Marcel was actually driving drunk until the results of a police blood test come in, but damn, brother — might be time to get acquainted with that marvel of molecular mixology, H2O!

’Top Chef’ Flashed Wine Bottle After Suspected DUI Arrest [OC Register]
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