Kosher Meatpacker in Trouble With PETA; Swedish Food Mag Gives Readers Nutmeg Poisoning


• Agriprocessors, the nation’s largest meatpacking company, is under fire from PETA after one of the animal-rights group’s representatives witnessed and recorded inhumane slaughter techniques in the Iowa plant. [NYT]

• A Swedish food magazine had to be recalled this week after it was revealed that one of its cake recipes incorrectly called for twenty whole nutmeg nuts – instead of two pinches – and at least four readers were hospitalized. [Freakonomics/NYT]

National Geographic has launched a food site that allows readers to browse articles, recipes, blogs, and interactive maps relating to specific regions of the world. [Foods of the World]

• It’s not clear yet how Starbucks’ new breakfast offerings will fare with humans, but one cat seems to give their oatmeal a ringing endorsement, which is kind of frightening. [Consumerist]

• Who knew that, one of the leading sites for professional chefs and those who follow them, is run by a former Wall Streeter? [NYDN]