Is Cupcake ‘Cupmudgeonism’ Spreading?

Conecakes. The horror.
Conecakes. The horror. Photo: Courtesy of Blondie and Brownie

Back when the Treats Truck unleashed their “conecakes,” we admitted to being cupmudgeons — and it seems we’re not the only ones. Jennifer 8. Lee points to a “cupcake backlash” and wonders whether the current cupcake boom can sustain itself. Magnolia Bakery is opening an outpost at Rockefeller Center, and Crumbs plans 40 stores within the next year and 150 within the next five years. “This kind of growth,” says Lee, “brings to mind the tale of Krispy Kreme, another sweet phenomenon that went national very fast” — until, of course, the doughnut emperor lost its clothes. Cupcake blogs like Cupcake Takes the Cake, Cupcaketastic, the Cupcakery, Cupcake Corner, Cupcake Culture, Cupcake Frenzy, Cupcake Fetish, and the 5,000 others have remained strangely silent on the matter. Is there no place for gloom and doom in this happy world of pink frosting and Day-Glo sprinkles?

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