If Bruni Didn’t See Celebs at Michael’s, What’s Up With the Photos, Huh?

Photo: Courtesy of the New York Times

More fallout from Bruni’s takedown of Michael’s. The celeb stalkers at CityFile have I.D.’d a bunch of media heavies in the photo and the audio slideshow that accompany the review — that’s right, while Bruni tells Pete Wells, “I didn’t spot [celebrities], but maybe I just missed them as I was hustled to Siberia,” we see Diane Sawyer, Tina Brown, Kathleen Turner, and Peggy Siegel. The snapshot that ran in the paper, meanwhile, features Michael Ovitz, Leon Black, Showtime CEO Matt Blank, Barry Diller, and CBS chief Les Moonves. Not that that’s wowing anyone. A “Page Six” item quotes Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini as saying, “[Ronald] Perelman goes to Michael’s? I thought he had better taste than that.”

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