ICE Trains the Next Generation of Food Bloggers


The esteemed Institute of Culinary Education tells us it’s launching the Center for Food Media, a series of classes teaching you how to surf the wave of food blogs, shows, and podcasts. For $75 a pop, Marge Perry will teach you not only how to write a recipe, but also, in another class, How to Be a Food Writer. In her Restaurant Reviewing class, Top Chef’s pet blogger Andrea Strong will address “the ethics of comps and the issue of anonymity”; then in An Insider’s Guide to Food Blogging she’ll tell you “how to (and why) start a food blog.” Beard Award winner David Leite, meanwhile, will educate aspiring bloggers on “getting noticed without getting obnoxious.” But our favorite? Publicist Jennifer Baum on “how to make news when there isn’t any and many more PR basics”! Food bloggers, this might be the one to attend if you don’t want to fall for that next “City’s Top Chefs Serve Candy-Corn Dinners for Halloween” press release.

Center for Food Media [ICE]