Honky-Tonk Saloons in Danger: Red Rocks Down, 2 by 4 Compromised

2  by 4's gone with the wind.
2 by 4’s gone with the wind.

The city may soon have two less Hogs & Heifers knockoffs — a former employee tells us that Red Rocks West, best known for its annual pig roasts and bikini biker rallies, closed in June due to nonpayment of rent, and though the owners tell our source that they’re still fighting the landlord (who presumably wants to install something more chic, along the lines of neighbor 1Oak, in the space), it ain’t lookin’ good. Meanwhile, the owners of 2 by 4, who also own the Boiler Room next door, have put up new signage indicating that the bar will become an upscale lounge, Ambiance, this fall or winter. Till then, the old ambience remains: Animal heads loaded down with bras, Jaegar ads saying “Shots happen,” and bar maidens who blow fireballs of Bacardi 151. Who knows, maybe the bartenders will still stomp on the fancy new bar — and it’ll light up when they do!