High Holiday Hunger: Get Your Rosh On

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Sundown on Monday night marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah — or, as some of us called it growing up, “the happier high holiday.” The Jewish New Year isn’t just an opportunity for forgiveness; it’s a time for felicitous consumption. If you’re not quite confident in your rendition of grandmother’s brisket, Epicurious has a good selection of recipes for modern and traditional Rosh Hashanah meals; or you can just swing by Zabar’s or Russ & Daughters and scoop up whatever liver and salmon might still be left (if you’re lucky, you might even score tzimmes at one of the markets). Diner’s Journal has a tempting recipe for Jerusalem Kugel (we’d opt for the Sephardic Jerusalem version, with raisins, nutmeg, and brown sugar), and for goyim guests, a few gentle suggestions for gift-giving. If you’d rather keep your celebration on the minimalist side, just grab some apples and honey. Even if you’re being kinda lazy, you’ll be forgiven.

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