Hearst, Food Network Birth Fat Magazine


Come and get a subscription, y’all! Hearst revealed plans today for a two-issue, 300,000-copy test run of Food Network magazine. The first issue, helmed by editor-in-chief Maile Carpenter — last seen at the perennially troubled Every Day With Rachael Ray — weighs in at 160 pages and arrives October 14. Designed around a cavalcade of Food Network stars, Hearst is hedging by including Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, AND Paula Deen in the same publication. The magazine is aiming for a broad demographic, to say the least, and with recipes, cooking tchotchkes, and restaurant reviews, they’re going for a kitchen-sink approach to editorial. However, for tips on how to combat the effects of Deen’s baked French-toast casserole instead of a feature on how she packs all those calories into a single slice, you’ll have to pick up one of Rodale’s upcoming Biggest Loser–themed books.

Hearst to Test Food Network Magazine [Mediaweek via Gawker]
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