‘HE’ Restaurant for Museum of Arts and Design

Ignore the giant HE.
Ignore the giant HE. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

In his critique of the Museum of Arts and Design opening this Saturday, Jerry Saltz noted: “Every time I look at the façade I see the windows forming the letters H and E.” It turns out the ninth-floor restaurant, which isn’t ready to open, is to blame for the not-so-subtle flaw. The museum added the band of windows (completing the “H”) to the original design so diners will have panoramic views, known to support pricier meals. Architect Brad Cloepfil “recoils at the notion that he’s turned the ‘lollipop building’ into the ‘HE building,’” according to the Chicago Tribune. But hey, maybe no one else will notice, and from inside it sounds nice.

’Lollipop building’ at New York’s Columbus Circle sweetly, but imperfectly, transformed into Museum of Arts and Design [Chicago Tribune]
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