Happy Birthday, Mario! Now Put on Some Pants


The man, the myth, the Mario turned an impressive 48 today. Batali’s PBS television show and book documenting his Spanish trip (he traveled with Gwyneth Paltrow, you may have heard) arrive this September and October, respectively. One birthday present, from Gastropoda’s Regina Schrambling, arrived a day early. Schrambling has passionate feelings about Mario’s sartorial choices — namely, he should switch to long pants the next time he’s abroad: “I think it was Adam Gopnik who pointed out how Americans traveling in shorts look absurdly like overgrown children, but this guy takes it to the slobbiest ends … as essential ambassador for this food world, could he at least dress for respect?” We’re just hoping for a dis track out of all this.

Calling Marlon Brando [Gastropoda]