Gray Kunz Confirmed Out at Grayz


In her blurb on the reopened Grayz The changes at Gray Kunzs restaurant are subtle in the dining rooms, more extensive in the kitchen, and large on the menu, which is now la carte. The new pastry chef is Seth Caro Florence Fabricant fails to mention that executive chef Gray Kunz is out of the picture, as rumblings on PX This had it yesterday: "What I heard is that they are getting rid of him because they feel like he didn't deliver. The reviews were a big blow and not what they signed up for." We can now put an end to the speculation: Assistant GM Adam Landsman reveals to us that, for reasons he wouldnt mention, Martin Brock, who hails from Michelin restaurants in Germany and worked under Kunz at Caf Gray, took over in January. In a week, the restaurant will release its new menu, which will have more la carte items and five-course and seven-course chefs menus during both lunch and dinner.

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