Gordon Ramsay Plans a New York Project à la Spotted Pig


Gordon Ramsay

He's not doing it because of the market.Photo courtesy of Fox

So yes, haute restaurateurs are going casual. Case in point? None other Gordon Ramsay, who reveals to the Post: In New York, Im gonna do something a little bit more relaxed in the style of a cafe/bistro. We opened Foxtrot Oscar in London its an amazing neighborhood bistro along the lines of The Spotted Pig Its not because of the credit crunch or holding back. I just love that kind of alternative. Meanwhile, as Kitchen Nightmares readies for another season, reporter Carla Spartos checks in with Purnima, a midtown restaurant that was touched by Ramsays genius last time around: Despite a transformative overhaul of its creepy-crawly basement and the arrival of talented Indian chef Vikas Khanna, the dining room still lacks customers. Lets hope things arent as grim at Gordos neighborhood joint.

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