Giada De Laurentiis: ‘I’m Not Doing Porn’

Giada seems to think she's more sensual than Mario.<br>TBD, we say!
Giada seems to think she’s more sensual than Mario.TBD, we say!

Giada De Laurentiis is Page Six Magazine’s cover story this weekend, posing for the insert wearing a lovely lavender dress while lounging about some random eden. In the interview, the Food Net star swears her show’s content isn’t risqué in the slightest, save for a disproportionate love of scoop-neck sweaters and the cheesecake vibe that she brings to all her projects: “Porn? I’m not doing porn! What the hell are people talking about?” she asks indignantly. Sure thing, Giada. You drizzle olive oil that way because you’re just measuring very carefully. But then she comes clean: “Mario Batali [I] love to death … but he’s not romantic or sensual. Those are the things I bring to the table.” Yeah, we knew you knew what you were up to, missy. Giada’s new show, Giada at Home, will premiere on the Food Network on October 18.

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