Get Tipsy at DKNY Show With Domaine Chandon

That New York state of buzz.
That New York state of buzz. Photo: Courtesy Domaine Chandon

American sparkling wine is fitting fuel for Fashion Week, and DKNY will distribute 800 special-edition bottles of Napa’s Domaine Chandon at Sunday’s show in Bryant Park. The French-owned producer drew from two decades of recipes to blend a cuvée for the clothing line’s twentieth anniversary in 2009. In return, DKNY designed the “Twenty Year Cuvée” label, will market totes cut to carry Chandon during the holidays, and will release smaller totes (meant for four mini Chandons) in the spring. Bottles will be popped at the designer’s parties throughout the year, but the uninvited can buy the bubbly off Chandon’s Website come January. The taste of the “Twenty Year Cuvée” has notes of apple and pear and has been deemed “approachable” by Chandon (read: goes down easy!) — perfect for model tipplers this week, and even better when we start carrying it around to family gatherings come winter.

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