Get Poked on Hudson Valley Wine Site

Photo: Courtesy Hudson Valley Wine Country

Look out, Finger Lakes! Step aside, North Fork! Not content just to pimp their wines during tastings at the Greenmarket, wineries in Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster counties have banded together to create a Website about all things wine-related in the Hudson Valley. The clearly named isn’t just a repository of factoids, though you can impress your friends at bars by telling them the first grapes were planted upstate in 1677. Instead, it’s mostly a resource for visitors, lest they forget that the counties are near each other and have associated wine trails. For the kids — well, the kids over 21 — there is an associated social-networking site, also called Hudson Valley Wine Country. If only they’d named it Grapebook…

Hudson Valley Wine Country [Official site]
Hudson Valley Wine Country Social network [Official site]
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