Fro-Yo for Dogs; Cheap Chains Taking Over City


• For those dog owners who feel guilty every time they tie up their pooch outside a Pinkberry, Yoghund offers fro-yo goodness specifically made for canines. [NYP]

• If the New York Sun folds at the end of this month, one of the city’s big food sections will disappear along with it. [NYS]

• Gelato may not be the new ice cream just yet, but it’s gaining popularity from coast to coast. [NYT]

• Expect to see a lot more low-cost food chains filling the city’s storefronts in the near future, including Bruegger’s Bagels, which returns to Manhattan after a decade-long absence. [NYS]

• A Queens woman is growing a six-foot-long zucchini in her backyard, but there’s no word yet on how it will be devoured. [NYDN]