Food-Cart Fame Comes to Vendy Nominee


The pressures of fame! After their Vendy nomination was announced, press and new fans stormed the Biriyani Cart on 46th and Sixth at lunch today, and they ran out of food at 2:30. It’s becoming an issue for these small operations. When the El Rey del Sabor cart was outed last week, they ran out of chow by three. You know, this seems like the right moment to intone Kanye: “You spend half your life trying to become larger than life, and the other half trying to just live a real life again.” We bet those vendors are feeling that today.

Our solution to these cart woes? Exclusivity, of course! We’re thinking a secret, mobile street cart. Insiders would receive a text with the new location as it periodically changed. Sasha Petraske, this idea has your name on it.

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