Maybe-Fake Club El Baño Gets Into Pissing Match With Definitely-Fake Club El Evator


Okay, now this is funny. El Baño may or may not actually exist, but the club’s Website now claims it’s open for business and reachable at In fact, according to an e-mail from the still-mysterious owner, it already has a pretender: “There is a fake club parading itself around the internet mocking my club El Baño. I am shocked that people would spend the time to make something like this. I guess when you’re the best of the best you pick up haters along the way.” Hilariously, the poseur club’s Website (designed by the guys behind El Baño, we’re gonna guess) says “El Evator” (get it? Elevator?) will open during Administrative Assistants Week, the drinks are made with aged PBR and delivered by Rudy Giuliani in a horse-drawn carriage, and the food, by exec chef Jimmie Dean, features a “meat bar” consisting of “freshly microwaved chicken pot pies.” The result? “The most exclusive nightclub experience in the history of all mankind.” Okay guys, you got a smirk out of us. Now WHO ARE YOU, and how do you have this much time on your hands now that school’s back in session?

El-Evator [Official site]