Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Beatrice But Were Too Afraid of Not Getting in to Ask

Photo: Yun Cee Ng

How’s this for a companion piece to Gawker’s “How To Get Laid at the Beatrice Inn”? Observer scribe George Gurley has penned a “Who’s Who at the Beatrice Inn” for IMG’s The Daily. Given that Gurley is a regular at the Bea (well, was till now, anyway!), his celeb dish is hilariously lame: Kirsten Dunst once told a regular, “Don’t judge me! I like to have fun too!”; Mary Kate-Olsen “likes to sit with her friends behind an invisible velvet rope”; Josh Hartnett used to throw non-eventful after-parties where attendees were instructed to wear sunglasses and leave their bags and phones in a corner. Funnier still, Gurley claims not to know much of anything about scenesters like Jamie Burke (“Thought he was a chick”), Olivier Zahm (“Don’t know him, or Purple”), and Kristian Laliberte (“Not sure what he does”). And here we thought we were the only ones wondering what Bea-types do for a living! No word, alas, on who the blowthario might be.

The Definitive Guide to the Beatrice Inn [The Daily via Gawker]