Details on Café Select, Double Crown, and Five Leaves; La Superior Has Tasty Tacos

La Superior. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Today the magazine outs an undersung charmer, La Superior (a spartan taqueria that deserves its name thanks to its gorditas, quesadillas, and a carnitas sandwich that may be the city's first "Mexican French Dip"), as well as bringing some much-awaited details on a few projects we've been obsessing over. Finally, we get a look into the kitchen and wine cellar of Caf Select itll open for lunch this week with what might be the citys first Alpine wine list, and a modern Swiss menu by Jo Herde. Likewise, we've puzzled over Five Leaves' lovely interior and its association with Heath Ledger, but Rob and Robin reveal that a Prune alum is at work in the kitchen. Hard details, also, on that Brooklyn whiskey bar, Char No. 4, and on the much-awaited Italian mozzarella bar, Obik. And news of Double Crowns inner sanctum, a wine and cocktail bar called Madame Geneva.

The Robs also find time to pick out their favorite BLTs, and match the list with a recipe from Tien Ho of Momofuku Ssm. Should you want to add cheese to the latter, theres also a rundown of domestic (and local) purveyors of mozzarella di bufala and burrata. Just dont count on Jefferson Market to carry it an Intel item reveals that the store is cash-strapped and cant afford to restock items. But heres some good news: The Four Seasons is starting breakfast service in January, and Gael Greene uncovers the best paella in memory at Socarrat Paella Bar.

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