David Chang Predicts the Future for ‘Esquire’

Photo: Getty Images

Consider, if you will, a world where diners wait for hours to eat in the most utilitarian of spaces, reservations are a coveted commodity for the select few with speedy Internet connections, and vegetarians are persona non grata. Dystopia straight out of Philip K. Dick? Perhaps, but it may be David Chang’s “vision of the future” in Esquire’s forthcoming 75th-anniversary issue. Chang, as you’ll recall, last graced the pages of Esquire in May, when the magazine named him one of the most influential people of the 21st century and featured him in some acid-y video art. With this new assignment, Chang appears to be gunning for the mantle of 22nd-century influencer, too. As long as he envisions a world with pork buns and soft-serve ice cream, the future seems pretty bright to us.

75th Anniversary Issue Preview: The Arguments [Esquire]
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