Chumley’s Might (But Probably Won’t) Reopen This Winter

Jolly ol' Chum.
Jolly ol’ Chum. Photo: Mike Rogers

Chumley’s has been confounding Frommer’s-toters since it closed owing to a wall collapse last April, and bloggers have speculated, based solely on the sorry state of the place, that it may never reopen — however, the Times has some encouraging words. According to the landlord, the broke-down bar will reopen as soon as this winter, though more likely next spring owing to the laundry list of structural issues. Partner Jim Miller says, “When you step back and realize the problems that they’ve encountered — look, I don’t do this for a living, all I can do is tell you it’s been explained to us every step of the way and we’ve never had cause to doubt. If somebody takes you up to a wall and says, ‘Look, you can put your hand through it,’ you just take what they’re saying and accept it.” The hands of the living going through walls? So maybe the place wasn’t haunted all these years.

Still No Bar to Belly Up To. Maybe Soon [NYT via Lost City]