Chang Predicts Dystopian Future Full of Pork Scraps

Let them eat ham scraps!
Let them eat ham scraps! Photo: Getty Images

Esquire has finally posted David Chang’s Terrifying Vision of the Future (™) from their 75th-anniversary issue. According to Chang, in the future we’ll need to make do with fewer tasty meat products. Chang admits that it’s a bit rich coming from “Captain Fucking Pork Bun” — and it is, though we commend him for saying it. However, between his dire warning and a recipe for salted ham scraps that’s included in the article, we smell what else the Changster is cooking: a business plan. We feel like we just might see the rollout of Momofuku Scraps come next fall. And, in keeping with the whole pork-shortage dystopia thing, Chang could replace the online reservation system at Ko with Mad Max–style Thunderdome death matches. Two critics enter, one critic leaves, etc.

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