CB1 Approves the Future of Chain Steakhouses and Brazilian Grills


It was a quiet night at Community Board 1 last night, with liquor licenses granted and liquor licenses taken away. Steakhouse chain Capital Grille was approved for a liquor license at its 120 Broadway location. Brazilian grill Mr. Skewer & Co. will soon serve liquor at 325 Broadway, as will I.M. Fusione at 275 Church Street. Who didn’t make the cut? The board objected to later closing times at Greissler (77 Warren Street) and Honoria Drawing Room (293 Church Street); both eateries requested to stay open till 4 a.m.

Landmarc on 179 West Broadway was approved for an enclosed-sidewalk-café license; expect eight tables and sixteen seats. Finally, Sunshine Realty Management is looking to open a catering business on Debrosses Street. The space, which can hold upwards of 300 people, would have a rooftop bar, but the board opted to vote later given “unanswered questions about closing times.”