What Restaurants Would Get the ‘SATC’ Blessing?

Photo: Courtesy of Buddakan

That’s because he knew. He just knew. Put a pair of Blahniks on Carrie Bradshaw’s feet and her acolytes will find their way to those shoes. Put Carrie and Samantha and Charlotte and Miranda at a dinner table in a splashy setting, and their devotees will figure out where they’re supping, and sup there themselves.

Photo: Courtesy of Buddakan

Since the movie opened, he said, thousands of diners — mostly women, many from abroad, especially Japan — have arrived at Buddakan for the first time, inspired by the movie.

Immediately following the movie’s May release, the uptick in business was discernible, he said, and the uptick was obviously connected to “Sex and the City.”

You knew it because you had groups of four or six women having pictures taken of themselves where the scene was shot,” he told me.

Bruni wonders: Had SATC kept its claws on air just a bit longer, what restaurants would have been marked with its golden scratches? He suggests Freemans and PDT for the taxidermy thing, but we’re not so sure Charlotte would tolerate that. At any rate, there would have been at least two episodes devoted to getting into the Waverly; perhaps the Beatrice, though it would have to depend on the lighting. Anywhere else?

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