Brandworkers Spies on Wild Edibles Mystery Trucks


Busted?Photo courtesy of Brandworkers
The feud between Wild Edibles and Brandworkers just gets weirder and weirder — it seems Brandworkers has been staking out the company’s Long Island City plant. Says an e-mail from Brandworkers: “Attached … is an invoice from ‘Blue Harvest,’ the front company used to do business with Terrance Brennan’s Artisanal after that restaurant stated in writing that it would no longer serve Wild Edibles seafood. You will notice that the invoice bears the address of the Wild Edibles wholesale facility on 21-51 Borden Avenue. Also attached are photographs of Wild Edibles vans at the Borden Ave. facility bearing labels of various Wild Edibles’ fronts.” Who knows what the deal is, but Googling turned up no Lobster Palace in Mamaroneck, no Monk Seafood in Bayside, and no Sea Wave Inc. in Brooklyn. Maybe this is just Wild Edibles attempting to diversify?

Stakeout!Photo courtesy of Brandworkers

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