Bowery Association Network to Save Neighborhood From Everyone, Everything

And afterward, dinner at Gemma!

We came home last night to find the charming flyer at right tacked to our building's front door (note: We do not live on the Bowery). And what, exactly, about the Bowery are they saving? Oh, just the usual: "residents, small businesses — the neighborhood and historic character of the Bowery." Or, roughly translated: Residents, small businesses — the neighborhood and the historic character of the Bowery must be saved from the Box, Freemans, the Bowery Hotel, R Bar, Bowery Electric, Antik, the Cooper Square Hotel, BLVD, King's Cross, Marion's, Slainte, Butter, Double Crown, Madam Geneva, Sweet & Vicious, Von, B Bar, Phebe's, and, of course, John Varvatos. Oh, and Boulud and McNally. Are we forgetting anyone? Probably.