Boulud Showcases Vancouver Chefs at Daniel; DiPalo’s Doesn’t Mind Current-Day San Gennaro


• A mix of chefs from Vancouver, where Daniel Boulud is about to open a DB Bistro Moderne, will cook for the press at the grand reopening of Daniel today. [Vancouver Sun]
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Butter chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli is proud to be “a complete psycho when it comes to the Union Square Greenmarket (in New York). I visit a minimum of two times a week, but usually three times.” This season she’s hunting grape varieties and anticipating elderberries to make jam. [USAT]

DiPalo’s has been around since 1910 so the family has seen all 81 San Gennaro festivals. “It’s become a little more commercial,” understates co-owner Lou DiPalo, “but the meaning is still the same.” [NYDN]