Alaskans Not Ashamed of Eating Moose; Frankenfood Revolution Continues Apace


Alaskans don't seem to care if moose meat (like Governor Sarah Palin) has become a political punch line, and they already have a good enough sense of humor to turn moose crap into earrings. [NYT]

With fall comes pickle season, and for a taste of the South you can fry them up and make "frickles" your new favorite snack. [amNY]

In the latest example of Frankenfood maneuvering, Tropicana has created an orange juice laced with Omega-3 fatty acids from anchovies. Soon, all your food will contain nutrients from another food, so get used to it. [NYT]

Hidden behind the annoying crowds and cheesy faade, Little Italy actually does have some culinary treasures. [Metromix]