A First Look at the Eldridge, Now Open for the Fashionable Few


Matt Levine told us the Eldridge was too cool for weekends, but this is Fashion Week, and the lounge everyone has loved to hate has parties booked fourteen nights in a row. Though were the first to come back with photos, a couple of other bloggers have penetrated the faux-bookstore front, and their reviews are favorable! Club designer Steve Lewis, who lasted just five minutes at what were told was a Trump Model Management party last night (the Donald also passed through), reports, It's a small joint. There was the Armand De Brignac wall which was a lot less tacky than I expected. Indeed the place looked good. Not too much, the design stayed within itself and didn't overpower the pretty people. There were no new ideas.

the eldridge

Photo: Melissa Hom

NY Barfly concurs: The attention to detail that has clearly gone into the room stands out its a small space but theyve gotten a lot out of it. The intimate banquettes will surely make for some healthy mingling at parties (considering youre able to get in). And, were happy to see that the focus is clearly not on bottle service. An extensive (and delicious) cocktail list, delectable chocolates, intricate Absinthe table service there is plenty going on here that is far and above schlepping a bottle of Grey Goose to a table of thirsty lawyers.

We perused a six-page laundry list of Fashion Week parties, and the only one announced at the Eldridge was Catherine Fulmers after-party on September 11 (she was at the Hotel on Rivington last year), but then again not all designers announce their party locations. We'll wait to see whether Marc Jacobs pares down his list to squeeze into the joint.

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