Patrick Bateman Would Love Zagat’s New Mobile Reservations

Going mobile.Photo: Universal Pictures
OpenTable recently launched its mobile site, and now Zagat announces that users of can also take advantage of OpenTable’s system to make reservations via their cell phones. This kind of makes us wish American Psycho, with its Zagat-toting Patrick Bateman, had been written seventeen years later: “I take out my iPhone 3G and use my Safari Web browser to access OpenTable via The Edge system is prohibitively slow, causing me to break into a cold sweat. I’m almost on the verge of tears when I’m finally able to tap into the Wi-Fi signal of a nearby Starbucks and within five minutes I’ve used my AmEx Black Card to book a table at the second-hottest restaurant in the West Village, the Little Owl. I’m looking forward to the house-made cavatelli wrap that Frank Bruni called ‘first-rate’ when we drive by the Waverly Inn. I think I see Paul Allen walking in, meaning he somehow scored the restaurant’s secret number. My fists ball up in a powerful rage.”