Zagat Descends to the Underworld to Visit Spirits of Unborn Restaurants


We were in a wizened and sober state of mind the other day when Metromix looked back at last year’s Fall Preview and considered the vicissitudes restaurants are subject to. Who knows what fate has in store for any of us? But today’s essay on Zagat Buzz about restaurants that never opened is even more disturbing. Reading it is a kind of journey through the world of the undead: Ah, yes, Lo Scalco’s midtown location — what happened, specter? Tell me all! And what of you, Will Goldfarb? Weren’t you supposed to have a big project now, a successor to Room 4 Dessert? From David Copperfield’s forgotten, half-built Magic Underground to the uncertain fate of the East Village Yacht Club, this is a document every restaurant investor (and food writer) ought to read.

Dude, Where’s My Restaurant? [Zagat Buzz]
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