Woman Murdered at Spotlight Live

Spotlight Live: the scene of the crime.
Spotlight Live: the scene of the crime. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

The body of Ingrid Rivera was found last night in a rooftop electrical room above Spotlight Live, according to the Daily News. The British Airways ticket agent was last seen at Lil’ Kim’s birthday party Sunday night. Everything about this story is horrific; Rivera was found only yesterday by a maintenance worker, and the prime suspects are club employees. “It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the bouncers,” Josh Johnson, the VIP host at Spotlight, told the paper. “A lot of the bouncers, if you give them a hard time, they get really tough and rowdy. They’re tough guys. You don’t want to mess with them. That’s actually a problem at the club.” You think? No suspect has been identified yet, and the club, not surprisingly, has refused to comment. So maybe think about Hope and Anchor for your karaoke plans in the future.

Woman Beaten to Death at Times Square Nightclub; Body Found on Club’s Roof [NYDN]