Wine Bar Touch-Screen Trend Continues at Clo; Brooklyn Becoming a Wine Destination

• The Time Warner Center’s new wine bar, Clo, should be open by next week and will feature an interactive touch-screen menu, just like Adour. [Zagat Buzz]

• Why did one man abandon his job as a city consultant to become a full-time organic-tomato farmer? Well, for one thing, the pay is better. [WSJ]

• Is a frozen brownie that contains fewer calories than it takes for a person to eat it too good to be true? You bet your sweet tooth it is. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• With two wineries already open, and a potential third looking to join the pack, Brooklyn is quickly becoming a wine region. [NYDN]

• A crazed man terrorized patrons outside a West Indian restaurant in Flatbush on Sunday, throwing bottles and screaming before he was arrested. [NYP]

• One Brooklynite thinks the food waste strewn across the sidewalks of Park Slope is unbearable, but it’s probably no worse than an average day in Chinatown. [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]