Whole Foods Salad Bar Not Healthy in Excess; Will Gage & Tollner Return?

• Filling up your container at the Whole Foods salad bar could “result in a single meal containing large percentages of the Food and Drug Administration’s recommended daily allotment of calories, fat, and sodium.” The super-size image might be a good way for the company to appeal to the common man, if only the price of a filled box didn’t approach $20. [NYS]

• A few things you might not know about those delicious H&H; Bagels: The founder hails from Puerto Rico, “hasn’t been giving the IRS its share of the dough,” and is $2 million in the hole. Even bagel purists must be hoping he can scoop his way out of this one. [NYP]

• Rising food costs have trickled down to school lunches, which will increase as much as 25 cents per meal this year. It might not sound so steep to you, “but if you have three kids, over a week that’s the price of a gallon of milk.“ [NYT]

Hill Country, Allegretti, and ilili are just a few of the great restaurants you can find in east Chelsea, a.k.a. the Flatiron. [NYT]

• Gage & Tollner may return to downtown Brooklyn. Owner Joseph Chirico plans to bring the historic restaurant back to the area within two years. [NYP]