Which Wine Bar Will Protesters Rage Against Now?

Outside of John Varvatos.Photo: Daniel Maurer
The motley crew that has been protesting the Bowery Wine Company is going to need a new bogeyman. First the Observer reveals that big bad Republican Bruce Willis isn’t even a partner in the supposed “yuppie wine bar,” and now owner Chris Sileo tells us he has made peace with protest leader John Penley. “There will not be any more protests regarding Bowery Wine Company,” Sileo says. “It was mutually agreed upon that we aren’t the enemy.” Penley confirms this, saying that his next protest, outside of the Ninth Precinct station house on September 6, will be against police abuses. Comrade, no! Don’t abandon the good fight against yuppie wine bars! We were counting on you to end the tyranny of fancy cheese once and for all, brother man! Down with the Manchego! In fact, we’ve even made you a route of other chic East Village newcomers to pass by instead of bothering with that silly station-house business. Click on each map point to see what Penley should chant.

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