We've Seen Some Great Shaker Faces, But This One Is the Best

eben freeman

Eben Freeman gets his shake on.Photo: Abbe Benson

Whether it's the famous “hard shake” or just the most prosaic of cocktail-blending routines, bartenders have to shake drinks. And when they shake drinks, they have to make a face. It's just inevitable. That comical fact is the subject of a post over on Epicurious today, and while we enjoyed the embedded video a lot more than we might have expected, we couldn't help but think of our own No. 1 bartender, Eben Freeman of Tailor, and his ecstatic, blissed-out expression when executing the legendary Japanese “hard shake.” He keeps it together pretty well in our video, but in the picture above, it's pure mixological bliss.

Cocktail Question: Do You Have a Shaker Face Too? [Epicurious]

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