Underground Diners Go Whole Hog; Campbell’s Fires NFL Moms


The Times hears about underground dining groups, but manages to find one that goes beyond dinner in an apartment and instead butchers hogs upstate. [NYT]

Moms of NFL players are looking for work after Campbell's Soup retools its "Chunky" ads. The new campaign suggests grown men can heat their own soup. [WSJ]

Danny Meyer did the menu for the temporary CNN Grill at the Democratic National Convention. On the menu: "CNN fries," cobb salad, and macaroni and cheese. [CityFile]

Tastes great, drink more? Craft brewers turn away from high alcohol content to a less boozy, equally tasty beer. [NYT]

Hamptonites hire one of their own to cater: a 13-year-old who concedes that Union Square Hospitality Group is "pretty good competition." [NYP]
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