‘Top Chef’ Shooting at Le Bernardin Tomorrow Night


Le Bernardin: where Top Chef secrets go to die.Photo courtesy Le Bernardin.Top Chef promos haven’t even started yet, but the season will basically be ruined by Thursday morning, now that word has gotten out that an episode is shooting tomorrow night at Le Bernardin. (Eater, who reported the story, found out from patrons who received release forms with their reservations.) Since it’s late in the shoot, expect only a handful of cheftestants to be present. A few loose words of description from a passing bystander should I.D. them easily to Top Chef audiences. If so, we’ll pass them along, with all appropriate warnings. We may have to have the season ruined, but that’s no reason you should.

Top Chef Mega-Spoilage: Top Chef Filming Tomorrow Night at Le Bernardin [Eater]