‘Top Chef’ Dale Talde Cooks, Dishes Tonight at Astor Center


dale talde

Dale Talde: free from the Gorgon's gaze.Photo courtesy Bravo

Sam Talbot may be trying to escape his Top Chef fame, but some cheftestants are happy to remind you of their run on Bravo. Dale Talde, last season’s early favorite, will be at Astor Center tonight, cooking up green perplexed tofu, Filipino dessert halo halo, and pork potstickers with pickled-plum calmansi vinaigrette for the class, as well as something that’s being described as a “specialty cocktail.” Talde, whose brutal faceoff against Lisa “The Gorgon” Fernandes came as close as Top Chef ever got to the Theater of the Absurd, will answer any and all questions the audience can think of. It’s not quite the same as being profiled as the new face of the Hamptons, but charging $195 a ticket has its benefits, too.

Top Chef: The Class With Dale Talde
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