‘Top Chef’ Contestants Captured!

Next season's
Next season’s Photo: Restlus.com

Blog Restless has the first shot of the latest crop of Top Chef contestants. This group, photographed emerging from their barracks in Williamsburg, are a comely crew, marked by oomph and sex appeal. (If any Grub Street readers recognize them, let us know in the comments!) This crew of cheftestants will be, at any rate, easier on the eyes than the previous ones. And if you’re looking for more Top Chef chatter to make your off-season more endurable, Amuse Biatch has news that the Foo Fighters are doing some kind of guest appearance for the Thanksgiving episode. We can see it now: “Your challenge is to make a dish that looks good in a fortysomething mosh pit.”

Top Chef / KFC gets first paparazzo! [Restless, via Eater]
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