The State of America’s Sweet Tooth Is Strong; FDA Okays Vegetable Irradiation

• People may be cutting back on luxuries, but dessert isn’t one of them. “The popularity of baking and pastry has never been greater,” says a CIA dean. [USAT]

Tailor has had a lot of plumbing troubles, and accordingly gives its plumber the soigné treatment. [Life Vicarious]

• Snickers has been in China for fifteen years, but the candy bar didn’t sell particularly well until it became the official chocolate of the Olympic Games. [WSJ]

• The FDA is now allowing food producers to irradiate spinach and iceberg lettuce to eliminate microorganisms like E. coli and salmonella, but opponents say the process will ruin the nutritional value and taste. [NYT]

• It’s easy to save money on beer if you buy in bulk — think $11 for a 64-ounce growler — at places like Fette Sau and Pacific Standard. [NYDN]

• Can the human tongue taste calcium? Some scientists think so. “Mmmm, calcium-y.” [MSNBC]