The Classy Way to Eat Fish Off a Nekkid Person

This is the PG-13 version.
This is the PG-13 version. Photo: istockphoto

If you’ve ever been curious about the Japanese practice of nyotaimori, or “female body arrangement,” but didn’t want to brave Cheetah’s Strip Club Tycoon Sushi Steakhouse to eat sushi off of naked women, then the Times has a much classier option: “body sushi” events at places like Ambassador Wine & Spirits! “What I’m doing with this,” says organizer Hirosaki Koko, “is combining catering, body art and a little bit of eroticism.” Koko rents out female — and male! — models for $100 per hour. Just don’t eat the fish on a Monday or it might have that not-so-fresh feeling.

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