Tavern on the Green Is Latest to Drop Wild Edibles

Tavern on the Green is the latest restaurant to give Wild Edibles the heave-ho, according to a press release sent out by Brandworkers, the pro-union non-profit that had previously gotten Keith McNally’s and Danny Meyer’s restaurants to drop the beleaguered seafood provider (through dubious means, some say). With a recent $2.2 million sexual-harassment settlement on its hands plus a scathing roman à clef in the works, it’s not like Tavern on the Green needed more controversy. The press release makes clear that just because Wild Edibles recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy doesn’t mean Brandworkers is letting up. “The company continues to operate its business as it works its way out of bankruptcy,” reads the release. “The Wild Edibles workers have vowed to continue the campaign until they win the respect they are seeking.”