Taco Wars: El Diablo Slings Organic, The Taco Truck Does Green

The devil went down to Williamsburg.
The devil went down to Williamsburg.

Until about a month ago, Endless Summer reigned over the Williamsburg taco-truck scene, but that changed when Greg Matthews, a bartender at APT, installed his El Diablo truck in the backyard of Union Pool. On Thursdays through Sundays, from 7 p.m. to 3:30 a.m., local chef Mario Murillo — with the help of an L.A. taco-truck veteran — dishes out organic beef, vegetarian, and pork (cheek meat) tacos, and sometimes grilled fish tacos and grilled corncobs. Are they as good as the carnitas tacos that Red Hook soccer-field vendor Margarita serves up at the Yard during outdoor dance parties along the Gowanus Canal? We have yet to try them, though a reader vouches for them and they’ll no doubt hit the spot when Union Pool fires up its backyard bonfire in the winter.

Meanwhile, a press release informs us that entrepreneur Jason Scott is bringing a restaurant and taco truck called — what else? — The Taco Truck to Hoboken and eventually to New York. “The restaurant’s locations will be LEED-certified and a 22-foot, custom-built taco truck, designed for both food service and mobile marketing, will boast solar panels along with propane and wind generators.” As with El Diablo, chef Jason Potter — who previously worked under David Bouley, Todd English, and Zak Pelaccio — is making a point to source ingredients locally. Leaving aside the green thing, we’re just amazed a taco truck has a publicist!

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