Taavo Somer Reveals the Secret of Freemans’ Artichoke Dip


Our former bar writer Andrew Paine Bradbury sits down with Taavo Somer of Freemans today, and though the BlackBook Q&A; doesn’t go any deeper than David Amsden’s profile, an interesting moment arises when Somer identifies one of his favorite industry icons: “This guy Jason Mclean from the old Loring Café, in Minneapolis. The place had Shakespeare one night, and a gypsy wedding the next, just weird shit happening. Freemans got its artichoke dip from there.” Damn! So that’s who’s responsible for the Lower East Side’s most popular appetizer (we thought maybe TGIF? Applebee’s?) Let’s hope Freemans is sending royalty checks to Minnesota.

Power Players: Taavo Somer, Rustic Freeman [BlackBook]
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