Sweet-n-Tart Reinvents Itself With Monster Menu

sweet n tart grouper

Sweet-n-Tart's Yunnan ham, bacon, and sweet-pepper-encrusted grouper.Photo courtesy Insatiable Critic.com

Flushings Sweet-n-Tart, one of the citys top outposts of Cantonese cookery, has introduced a new menu based on owner Spencer Chans recent travels to Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, reports Gael Greene on Insatiable Critic. Chan knocked Gael out with never-before-encountered choices. Of note: Windmill foie gras dumplings. Chestnut sticky rice shu-mai. Cheese-filled almond shrimp croquette. Cilantro crusted fried calamari. Pork cutlet with peach sauce and yogurt. The dishes sound pretty intense, and the pictures seem to back up her descriptions. Something major is happening in Flushing, and its not at the Golden Mall.

Sweet and Tart Smartens Up [Insatiable Critic]
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